Polyology has been Greenlit and will be available on Steam in the coming months! This is excellent news, it’ll allow Polyology to entertain more people and hopefully help me carry independently developing games. More usefully I’m including my Greenlight statistics to give you an idea of what numbers are needed to get onto Steam.

votes over time

Most the views for Polyology came through launching a Greenlight campaign, from Steam users who happened to look at their Greenlight queue. The second small bump was from doing a YouTube Video with Action Soup Studios and finally the second large spike was from doing a Lazy Guys Bundle. It’s very heartening seeing my actions correlate with Greenlight votes.


However as you can see the statistics above Polyology didn’t get that many votes, at least compared to the Average Top 50 (on the day I took the screenshot). The average number of Yes/No vote ratios are about the same. The followers at 1.9% is higher than the top 50 average of 1.36%.


So why did I get Greenlit? To be honest I have no idea. Maybe they played Polyology, or liked the Rock, Paper, Shotgun review? I suspect it’s because Steam is becoming a more open platform and they’re generally letting more games through. Regardless should go and integrate the steam overlay, localize and think of some achievements for Polyology.