Exhibiting at GameCity 9

A couple of weeks ago I was lucky enough to exhibit Polyology at GameCity 9. Held in the old Connexions building in the centre of Nottingham, the future home of the National Videogame Arcade.


Exhibiting was great for getting feedback, particularly from some of the intelligent and creative people knocking around at GameCity. Such as Martin Hollis and Karl Hilton; a couple of the creators behind Goldeneye on the N64. Alan Hazelden creator of Sokobond and the upcoming A Good Snowman Is Hard To Build and even the Guardian’s Keith Stuart.

Along with industry professionals there are children of all ages, happy to pick up the controller and give you candid feedback. It was great seeing families helping each other getting through the tougher puzzles. It’s the variation of people at GameCity which makes it such a wonderful place to get real people to playtest your game.

Although my personal favourite part of GameCity 9 wasn’t exhibiting, it was just getting to play games. Such a wonderful variety; Tap Happy Sabotage! a crazy physical multiplayer game, molecular puzzle game Tricone Lab and visual programming game Glitchspace to name a few.

So if you get a chance to exhibit something at GameCity next year, it’s definitely worth polishing up that demo and getting it in front of the public. See you there next year!