Gridlock Interactive is a fancy title for me independently developing my own video games. I’m Ben and I’m attempting to make a living doing what I enjoy, creating interesting and varied games.


Cutting my teeth at Free Radical Design working on the ill fated Star Wars: Battlefront 3. After Free Radical shuttered it’s doors I was lucky enough to start at Crytek UK when it was founded, working on every title to come out of the studio.

Current day

Professionally I work 2 days a week with the fantastic team at Deep Silver Dambuster Studios. The other three days are my own, using the knowledge and skills gained from working professionally in the industry to bring the idea’s in my head to life. My first project, to contrast my years of making FPS games, is a puzzle game called Polyology.


Polyology – a lovely block pushing puzzle game with varied and unique mechanics.
Abaci – Unity asset for recording statistics with context.


Currently I wish indie development was more profitable and will generally be doing working for other people whilst working on new titles in my spare time.


Email –
Twitter – GridlockBen
Facebook – GridlockInteractive
Skype – GridlockBen
Location – Nottingham, United Kingdom
Founding date – September 2014