Statistics with Context
Abaci Documentation

Abaci is a statistics system for tracking events in games, such as collecting a star, the biggest advantage over most statistics systems is that it has a concept of context. So if you add context to the system, like running or jumping, when you increment statistics it'll also increment statistics for the contexts (and possible combination of contexts).


To teach you these and other concepts there is a series of interactive Tutorials to get you started. After that there are a few more in depth Examples.

The core features to utilize are...

  • Bundle is a collection of statistics and contexts (and more)
  • ExclusiveContext to create mutually exclusive contexts
  • MaxStat for tracking highscores
  • Streaks for unbroken series of events, such as a Killstreak
  • UnitTests to check changes don't cause any issues
  • And full API is available under the Abaci namespace